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1. Purpose

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, which approves Regulation Development of the Data Protection Act (hereinafter RDLOPD) NOTHINGBUTNET SL, (hereinafter nagi Smartpool) established in Copernicus Street No. 8, 46980 Paterna (Valencia) and address for notification purposes in street Escardino Professor Augustine, 9, University Science Park of Valencia 46980 Paterna (Valencia), wishes to inform users of the website (hereinafter the site or website) policy regarding the processing and protection of personal data of those who voluntarily provide their contact details, use email to contact nagi Smartpool fill out the application forms information services using positions available to users of the site or in any way communicate their personal data nagi Smartpool Through this web site.

nagi Smartpool informs users that this policy provides an overview of issues related to the processing of personal data nagi Smartpool held responsible, resulting from the operation of the website contains. This policy is supplemented with informative texts and those texts informed request to be incorporated into any form of data request site or included in any particular conditions for use of certain services consent. It is your responsibility to read prior way to communicate their personal data to the aforementioned informative texts nagi Smartpool established by it. This policy is explicitly and fully accepted by the user from the moment the use of this site or any of its services nagi Smartpool communicate your personal data since the communication is voluntary. If the user does not agree with this policy shall not use any service of this site that requires the communication of personal data to nagi Smartpool.

The user is informed that these conditions will be of subsidiary application of those others on the same subject are established ad hoc and / or private and are communicated to the user without limitation through registration forms, conditions of contract or conditions of particular services, leaving these policies as complementary to the previous ones in that it does not contradict.

The user is informed that any processing of personal data, will be under the scope of the legislation in force in Spain concerning data protection, established by the LOPD and its complementary and development regulations.

For this purpose, the term personal data any information concerning identified or identifiable physical persons -including e-mail data and / or user IP- and address any identified or identifiable natural person to provide its character data nagi Smartpool staff by email, filling out forms requesting information and / or use of particular services for website users.

2. Identification of the data controller

In compliance with Article 5 of the LOPD, the user is informed that NOTHINGBUTNET, SL, (hereinafter nagi Smartpool), established in Copernicus Street No. 8, 46980 Paterna (Valencia) and address for notifications is Catedretico Agustin Escardino, 9, Parc Cientific Universitat de Valencia 46980 Paterna (Valencia), is the entity responsible for the file and treatment of personal data derived website (hereinafter the site or website ).

3. Purposes for which personal data, information and consent are intended

Users who access the website are not required to provide personal information to use the site, so any data communication purpose it will be because the user has voluntarily decided to use navigation or custom services. However nagi Smartpool has forms that can be filled out by users to facilitate contact between them and nagi Smartpool, to facilitate a communication channel to request nagi Smartpool sending information and commercial communications about the services offered by nagi Smartpool and , where appropriate, through the completion of user registration forms that allow access to particular services and identifying those responsible nagi Smartpool of data collected through them.

Consequently, without limitation and by way of example, according to the above, you try nagi Smartpool user data (depending on how you use the website user) for the following purposes:

If the user nagi Smartpool contact for inquiries or request information, user data will be stored in a file for processing in order to address and answer the submissions received and send the information requested nagi Smartpool. When the user expressly agrees that wish to receive commercial communications relating to products and / or services offered and / or sold by nagi Smartpool or request such shipments nagi Smartpool, your personal data will be stored in a file for processing in order to manage the sending of such communications, as well as the possible revocation of consent, opposition to the treatment or cancel the service. When users communicate their personal data for the use of a particular service, the data will be stored in a file for processing in order to manage the use of that service, which may include authenticate the user and / or shipping, where appropriate, of the keys to allow access and use the service, keep track of registered users, and any purposes related directly or indirectly to the use of such services through the website, without prejudice to this information is specifically indicated in the particular conditions of contract and the request forms data used for such purposes.

Given the voluntary nature of data communication by the user through the website nagi Smartpool be understood that such communication by the user gives their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to the processing of personal data by nagi Smartpool.

Otherwise if the user does not agree with the stated purpose of treatment, must not communicate or send nagi Smartpool personal data and, in any case, make an anonymous browsing the website.

You may only complete the forms on this site nagi Smartpool providing accurate and current data for their own identity, thus not using third party data.

Personal information will only be used for limited purposes, such as those discussed above and / or without limitation, if those are clearly informed prior to the collection and processing to form concerned.

These policies will always be complementary and subsidiary nature of the texts contained in the information request forms personal data published at this site that does not contradict.

4. Identification of the recipients for which nagi Smartpool intends to carry out assignments or data communications

nagi Smartpool is solely intended to carry out assignments or data communications in article 11.2.c. of the Data Protection Act should make to satisfy its obligations to the government in cases where it is required in accordance with current legislation in each subject at all times and if necessary also to other organs such as supervisory bodies for the protection of data, telecommunications and information society, judges, prosecution, courts, Court of Auditors or Ombudsman.

However, nagi Smartpool informs the user that any transfer of data to be carried out, be brought to the user when so provides the LOPD, informing expressly and unequivocally precise recipients of information, in order to the data will be used, and the nature of the data transferred, and previously requesting the unambiguous, specific and informed the user when the LOPD so requires consent.

5. Other recipients of information

nagi Smartpool warns the user that this entity is only responsible and guarantees the confidentiality, security and processing of data under this policy in respect of the personal data that collects the user through the website, not having any Responsibility for treatment and subsequent use of personal data that could be made by third party service providers of the information society anyone can gain access to such data due to the provision of services or carrying out his activity.

Third party service providers of the information society be understood exclusively limited character without those natural or legal persons providing the following services: (i) Transmission by a communication network of information provided by users of the service. (Ii) Access services to the aforementioned network. (Iii) storage services or hosting. (Iv) Supply of contents or information.

nagi Smartpool not responsible for data processing to carry out third nagi Smartpool establish hyperlinks with those responsible or who through hyperlinks nagi Smartpool refers users to the website.

nagi Smartpool not responsible for the data processing engaged third parties to whom nagi Smartpool should communicate if the user’s personal data for the proper provision of a service requested by it.

6. Data Quality

nagi Smartpool warns users that, unless the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so that the user shall at all times keep in mind that if you use email and / or completing data collection forms through the web site, you can only include personal data for their own identity and are adequate, relevant, timely, accurate and true.

To this end, the user shall be solely liable for any damage, direct and / or indirect damage caused to third parties or nagi Smartpool by the use of personal data of another person, or their own personal data when they are false, misleading, not current, inadequate or irrelevant. Likewise the user to communicate the personal data of a third party liable to him for the reporting obligation under Article 5.4 of the LOPD for when the personal data have not been obtained from the person concerned, and / or the consequences of failing to inform him.

7. Facts minors or disabled

If the user is a minor or incompetent, nagi Smartpool warns of the need for the consent of their parents or legal guardians for communication of personal data representatives, so please refrain nagi Smartpool provide personal data without with the consent of parents, guardians or legal representatives, not being otherwise nagi Smartpool responsible for the actions of the minor or incompetent. Nevertheless, nagi Smartpool may proceed to the processing of data over fourteen years with his consent, except in those cases where the law requires for providing assistance to holders of parental authority or guardianship.

8. Update Data

The user is the only source of information on your personal data, so nagi Smartpool requests it, in order to maintain their current data and updated at all times in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act, communicate to the address indicated to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, any variation thereof. In any case, when data is collected or user provided directly affected, according to the provisions of current legislation, are considered accurate by it.

9. Exercise of the rights of opposition, access, rectification and deletion of data

nagi Smartpool informs the user of the possibility to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by written request to the NOTHINGBUTNET, SL, at the following address: Professor Augustine Escardino street, 9, University of Valencia Science Park 46980 Paterna (Valencia ), or one that will replace and communicate in the General Data Protection Registry. To this end, the applicant must send written communication indicating nagi Smartpool request or exercising right along with a copy of your ID or document legally valid proof of identity.

10. Other user rights

To those users who have expressly authorized nagi Smartpool for carrying shipments of commercial communications by e-mail, under Articles 21 and 22 of the LSSICE, the user has the right to object to the processing of data for purposes are reported Coupon to receive commercial communications and the right to revoke at any time the consent given to the effect by simply notifying your willingness to nagi Smartpool.

To do this, the user can direct his opposition requesting the decline in email address, in which case the data provided will be discharged for nagi Smartpool for such treatment.

11. Cookies

To ensure that the website is being well managed and provide proper navigation and use of their services, both nagi Smartpool like / provider (s) of web services may be using “cookies” (short text files stored in the browser User) to store and add information. nagi Smartpool can use these tools to track information on its systems and identify categories of web users by items such as IP addresses, domain, browser type and pages visited.

Read here our Policy cookies1 in order to know what website uses cookies and their purpose, form of acceptance of its use by the user, how to disable cookies and consequences.

12. Security measures adopted in relation to the processing of personal data

nagi Smartpool informs the user that, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and implementing regulations, has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, whether from human action or physical or natural environment and only record personal data in files that meet the conditions specified in Regulation merited regarding their integrity and security and treatment centers, premises, equipment, systems and programs. nagi Smartpool also guarantees the user of duty of professional secrecy regarding the personal data of users and the duty to protect them.

13. User Recommendations

nagi Smartpool recommends users to use the latest versions of software for Internet browsing through the inclusion in these higher security measures.

nagi Smartpool also encourages users to use the security mechanisms at their disposal (secure web servers, cryptography, digital signature, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data to the extent that is necessary, since there are risks of impersonation or violation of communication.

nagi Smartpool reminds users that the Internet is not secure. However, there are different ways that let you enhance the protection of your data is developed. So, use any means at their disposal to protect their data and communications, such as legally available encryption for confidential e-mail and access codes to your own PC.

nagi Smartpool warns users that whenever they provide personal information online through email, newsgroups, forums, etc., keep in mind that this information may be collected and processed for unintended purposes by users, so nagi Smartpool recommends that users should check the privacy policies and privacy of the online sites they visit.

nagi Smartpool warns users to bear in mind that unless they use encryption mechanisms, electronic mail on the Internet is not secure. Mail messages and discussion forums may be subject to forgery and impersonation, which must be taken into account provided they are used. If they will not publish your email address, configure your browser to not leave your email address in the web servers they access.

14. Updating policies

Without prejudice to the preferential application of the specific legal texts into effect as informative texts inserted in data collection forms, nagi Smartpool periodically update this privacy policy and treatment of personal data of website users. If anything is your responsibility to periodically access the privacy policies posted nagi Smartpool to always know the latest. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder.

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