Distributors & resellers

If you are an experienced distributor or reseller in this industry and would like to work with us on the sale of this great product, then please contact us below for more details.

Where can nagi be sold?

Gym pools
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What countries?

nagi Smartpool is a need worldwide so can be sold in any country. Please contact us today for more details on how you can be part of the distribution of the great product in your country.

Public pools
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Add a lifeguard

In pools without lifeguards, it can be a great help to improve safety. Hotels and rehabilitation clinics are in this group.

Hotel pools
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Where can it help a lifeguard?

Ideal for crowded pools and with risk groups. Municipal pools, with public sensitivity to safety

Rehabilitation pools
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Where the swimmer demands information

In gyms and sports centers it is a very appreciated feature. Centers with nagi offer a competitive advantage to attract more swimmers.

How can we help you?

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Nagi Smartpool will provide you with materials in electronic format to market the products. Periodically your specialist will update you with all our advances!

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Presale advise

Your specialist will help you in the pre-sale process. Make an appointment with him/her and they will be glad to help

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Installation and commissioning

We take care of the installation. Normally will take 4-5 days. Then we will be with the client until they know how to use it

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Maintenance and Customer Service

The customer will contact the distributor. Once a year we will review the installation physically and remotely monitor it every day.

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