What is nagi Smartpool?

It is an anti-drowning and physical activity recording system that connects swimmers with lifeguards. Thanks to the technology of the Nagi device, it is possible to know in real time, both the exact place where the swimmers are and the physical activity carried out.

Safety first!

nagi smartpool provides constant digital scanning of the pool and will alert the lifeguards when someone has been underwater too long and where they are.

Safety must be at the forefront of any public pool operation and gaining a reputation for a safe swimming experience can boost public interest.

Swimmer engagement

nagi smartpool not only provides the essential help to a lifeguard to do their job, but it also offers your swimmers the data they need to engage, compete, and enjoy your pool facility!

Swim session data such as distance in Meters/Lengths, Pace (per 100m) and Time in pool is provided to all nagi swimmers via a screen in your facility.

The nagi Smartpool service

nagi smartpool support

We offer a great support service to our clients. This includes lifeguard training to make sure everyone is familiar with the system, staff presenentation of the product and how it works.

We constantly monitor the system to make sure everything is running smoothly and will be just a call away from any help you need with the smooth running of the system.

nagi Support

No downtime Installation

Our technitions will firstly evaluate the pool area to be tracked, then we will provide you with a proposal of the work involved and the full timescale we will need to achieve the installation. The installation process is done over a 4 - 5 day period while the pool is closed.

No draining of the pool is required and we work together to make sure everything runs smoolthly during the installation.

No downtime installation

About us

nagi Smartpool is a Nothingbutnet S.L company.
Nothingbutnet S.L, who specialises in offering techincal solutions in Basketball and the Swimming world. We are a group of young ambitious individuals striving to make a positive difference in the digital world. Not only do we collect, organise and share live data, we now work with this technology to help to save lives and make swimming more fun!.

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