• Revolutionizing pool safety and swim performance

  • Real-Time Data meets Competitive Swimmer

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What is nagi?

The importance of swimming safely

nagi’s monitoring system and devices enable both safety and coaching personnel to use real time data to connect with their swimmers, improve the safety profile of their facility, and monitor performance indicators that helps motivate and improve the overall swimming experience for all involved.

Nagi Monitors Swimmer Performance

swimsmart™ is purposely designed and built to capture and store key data and metrics for recreational through competitive swimmers. Offer unique experiences to your swimming enthusiasts by incorporating gamification, key, real-time metrics, and data to improve competitive swimmer performance and motivate the recreational aquatic athlete.

By the end of the session, thanks to nagi technology, all your exercise data will be available immediately.


Nagi Means Swimmer Safety

swimsafe™ is an easy to use digital system that incorporates location tracking, smartwatch, and alarm system functionality, to connect swimmers with safety personnel and lifeguards. Thanks to swimsafe™, identifying the location of distressed swimmers is easily facilitated by digitally monitoring activity, which adds an additional layer of safety and piece-of-mind for pool staff, parents and swimmers alike.


Where will you find nagi?

Swim & Health clubs

Public pools

Hotel pools

School & university pools

Olympic training pools

Water parks

Track, compete, achieve and share

swimsmart™ enables pool management personnel to deliver amazing swim experiences to their guests, customers and pupils alike. Track, store and analyze historical data, and differentiate your swimming experience from the competition by providing important performance metrics.

nagi technology keeps track of:

Time inside the swimming pool

Average speed

Distance covered

Number of laps

Drownings are preventable,

nagi technology can help!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 10 people die from unintentional drownings every day in the United States. Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related deaths among children ages five and under, with an average of 51 deaths per year in California alone. By deploying nagi swimsafe™ we can help reduce these heartbreaking statistics.


What do our customers say?

  • “With nagi, I’m never going to count my laps again. I swim with the maximum security and tranquility.”

  • “Congratulations on the product. It’s easy to use and above all comfortable when swimming.”

  • “I´m thrilled! I´ve been swimming my whole life and I always dreamed of something like this!”
    GO fit swimmer

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