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What is nagi?

The importance of swimming safely

nagi is a high-end digital system that connects swimmers with lifeguards. Thanks to nagi’s technology, it is now possible to locate both in real time as well as keeping track of the swimmer´s performance.

Keep track of your individual performance and have fun swimming

swimsmart is specifically designed for you, the swimmer, offering a unique experience before you begin your exercise. nagi tag technology captures your data while you are swimming and delivers information in real time.

By the end of the session, thanks to nagi technology, all your exercise data will be available immediately.

What else could you ask for?


Swim safely and securely

swimsafe includes a safety feature. This app is managed through a tablet and a smartwatch in order to connect swimmers with lifeguards.

The app is the control center that tracks the position of swimmers, battery life of each tag in use and history of recorded incidents.

The app also sets off alarms that warn lifeguards about swimmers at risk. The swimsafe app includes a smartwatch that provides quality assurance and comfort for the users.


Who can benefit from nagi?

nagi has been designed for all kinds of people.

  • For kids. Making sure they are always safe while they are in the pool.
  • For the elderly who want to improve healthy habits exercising safely in the water.
  • Also for swimmers between 14-60 years of age that can enjoy the tracking feature in order to register their session turning it into a fun and healthy competition.

Ultimately, nagi is a technology for everyone at any given age. Whether if it is for training, health or safety reasons.



  • Gym pools
  • Public pools
  • Hotel pools
  • School pools

Share, compete, enjoy and stay safe!

The app allows swimmers to check their performance live or after each lap as well as their historical details from all their sessions. In order to create your own profile you must obtain a personalized nagi tag.

nagi technology keeps track of:

Time inside the swimming pool

Average speed

Distance covered

Number of laps


Each year, 360,000 people drown in pools throughout the world. Now with nagi technology you can make your exercise safer and smarter.


What do our customers say?

“I´m thrilled! I´ve been swimming my whole life and I always dreamed of something like this!”

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